Vadvare is a culinary workshop offering simple dining in central Moscow.

We are open for breakfast and lunch and offer a set menu experience at dinner. Unfortunately, we don't have delivery options, but you can always order to take out and purchase some of the ingredients we use in our kitchen. Our team of chefs and baristas will be happy to tell you all about our product selection and the history behind every dish.

If you wish to try our set menu, we kindly ask that you book in advance. We always accept walk-ins but can't guarantee the full set experience without prior booking.

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All things that suddenly disappear become somewhat mythical. My personal myth, like all myths, requires commentary.

I have always dreamt of creating a unique place where people could gather and experience something new, learn about themselves and others… a place where food would become a way to communicate. A place where people wouldn’t come to satiate their hunger, but would rather be driven by an insatiable curiosity and, perhaps, a little hunger. A place to learn, much like a library. I am grateful to have met people with as wild an imagination as mine, Leonid Mikhelson, Emanuele Pollini, Simone Gobbi, among others. They shared our dream and helped us bring the Stolen Artichoke to GES-2 House of Culture. The unique restaurant network we created lived for as long as this public space in the heart of Moscow could host this vision. It doesn’t matter that this project was short-lived. What matters is that we will continue our journey at Vadvare. It might be hard to find us at first, but aren’t all real treasures hidden? If you wish to grow with us, if you think of food as a dear friend, then do come find us!

Nicola Mavica


Caffetteria is a little refuge in the busy Kiyevskaya district of Moscow. We created this space to satisfy the needs of a busy city lifestyle. Come for your morning coffee, a healthy meal after your workout or to pick up some desert on your way to a dinner party.

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